Monday, 25 October 2010


Today is my birthday, and for 18 years I dedicated my life to BJJ. I would like to know from you guys......
How important is it and what difference does it make to start training as a child?
And to what extent would this benefit the character and personality of the individual???

Thanks guys..

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  1. Hey Lagarto! Happy Birthday!

    Physically, I think it is important to start young. I believe that when you begin training at a young age, it is easier to make moves "second nature" and smoother over time.

    Mentally and emotionally, it is important to start at a young age because the confidence and team spirit that BJJ develops in an individual can help a child have a healthy emotional upbringing and develop a positive outlook on his/her own life and on the world.

  2. Lagarto this is your friend Mamute, firstly happy happy birthday and may you have many many more birthdays.

    In answer to your question, i was a late starter in BJJ as in many things in my life, BJJ has helped me develop in so many ways. Physically i have lost 12kg. I am faster more agile and balanced than i have ever been.
    Training has made me realise as in life you get put in very difficult situations, for example when someone has you back with hooks in and is grabbing for your neck, you have to react but in a certain way, if you react to fast a struggle the choke goes on tighter, you have to think you way out of the situation, and then you have to do it, but your thinking and reaction will over time become one unit. your whole body reacting at the same time.
    you block the choke with your hands
    you balance up on your legs drive yourself to the opposite side of the choke hold.
    you take off his hooks with you hand and escape.

    I love Jiu Jitsu it has become my life it is my life. that is the fundamental experience i have received from training, not only that but i have met many amazing people and made incredible friendships with people like you.

  3. Ryan and Mamute thanks very much,! i think it is a very good start, now the next guys will think really hard about your comments to try make one better.. ahahahhah Take care see you on the mat..

  4. BJJ really is a life style, its not just on the matts but in the heart and soul.

    Its given me so much and for that i am thankfull to both you and john.

    i think kids need focus in this modern world of facebook and xbox. BJJ can give them that.

    thanks and happy birthday


  5. Jiu Jitsu to me is all about making the right moves in bad situations, and the best moves when its time to win. You have to want both!!! The same in life getting out of bad situations and using good situations to your advantage. Never sit still and wonder why because this is when we loose. Keep moving try things learn life!!!

    Steve Jones

  6. Parabens professor! Tudo de bom meu querido!

    Com relacao a pergunta, ai vai:

    In the world we live in we learn fro very early to sick happines and fulfilment in the out side. We believe many times that if we have a better car or clothes or anything else than we will be able to fill good about ourselves and be happy. When you start BJJ early in life you start learning that the power and happines are within. You dont need the best car, the best clothes or anything else to feel good about yourself, when you do your best in your trainning session, when you go beyond your limits and you win from your older self that gives you a feeling that nothing else can gve you.
    A man is not a man for what he has but for who he is and BJJ make you a better man!
    Nothing wrong with having things, the best ones, but if you dont have yourself you have nothing.
    As soon as its possible yu should start practicing BJJ because BJJ gives you an opportunity to find out who you really are!

  7. Lucio Lagarto, after giving an arm lock on cancer, begins a new victorious moment in your life!!!Wanting to win is halfway to victory!

    Feliz aniversário, meu querido!!! Te amo!!!

  8. ahahha obirgado pelo comentario Vitinho.... acho que vc vai ganhar essa camisa em.. ahahhahah saudades meu brother... o Blog esta bombeando so com 3 dias de vida... O Gloria...

  9. O My Gosh... Just really good Comments..thank you guys... for all your kind words... Rock'n Roll, Caio and Steve.. ossssssssssss

  10. Speak Brother! I like your blog looks nice. I do not think I will win the shirt but I have a phrase that I like: "I have to keep breathing because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?"
    Big hugs!

  11. I was also a late starter in BJJ but it is something that i wish i discovered sooner at a younger age. But if i did i might not have appreciated it as much as i do now or trained as hard because i feel like i have to catch up to everyone quickly.
    BJJ is more than just a hobby or sport. It has such a great community of people who are some of the friendliest and respectful people i have ever met. Its good to go along not just to train but also to socialise and make new friends too.
    You see people go to training after work and they look tired, stressed and a bit low. But if you look at these same people after training their moods have completely changed and they are really happy.
    Unlike other martial arts BJJ takes a very long time to get the basics down. It can take a decade to get a black belt which goes to show how complex the sport really is. Getting a black belt in BJJ is an amazing achievement which i hope to accomplish one day. I believe that getting a black belt in BJJ is the equivalent amount of work as 5 university degrees put together! If you get into BJJ at a young age it will give you confidence, teach you respect, you will make a large number of friends. Most of my friends on facebook are from BJJ. And it will keep you disciplined and you will always be setting yourself new goals to achieve.

  12. Love you my brother!!! very wise........ God bless you

  13. Stuart i can see you are in the right way my friend.. I loved your comment... Take care

  14. Not matter what age one starts to train jiu-jitsu. But I believe in:


  15. Lagarto,
    I've been studying BJJ for 2.5 years now with you and Lucio Sergio and I can honestly say I've loved every minute of it. I training in lots of martial arts in the past but have never found anything to compare with BJJ: the warmth, the positive attitude, the friendship and obviously the training.

    I wish I had known about BJJ 20 years ago - but I didn't. Therefore, I just need to make sure I make the most of today. Always learning, always improving.

    This quote from Machado is a true reflection of my training in BJJ and how much I have still to learn:

    "When We Go To The Ground Your In My World … The Ground Is The Ocean & I Am The Shark … And Some People Don’t Even Know How To Swim!!"

    Thanks to you and Lucio Sergio - I am (slowly) learning to swim.

    thank you my friend.

  16. Primo lindo, orgulho... Feliz aniversário!!! Mandei um email hj cedo... O blog ficou show!!! Beijão Tati

  17. I do think that sports in general should be a pre-requisite for all kids growing up. We all know that an structured physical activity is beneficial for kids in many ways, even for those of you that are not sporty.

    It gives kids goals, ambition, physical and mental health, but also show limits, rules and also present the little ones with other important concepts for future life such as team work, discipline, cooperation and respect. BJJ presents all this and more.

    Even though it might look like an individual sport when looking from the outside, BJJ is in practice a collective one. As i like to say, you can't roll on your own!
    The team and instructors you train with will have a massive role in your development, as an athlete and as a person.

    I started training as a 16yr old (had to quit for 12 years though) and the sport/art showed me a lot of things: self-discipline, respect, team work, the importance of knowing your limits along with introducing me to a bunch of people i probably wouldn't know if it wasn't for BJJ.

    I'm sure that the younger you're exposed to and join a martial art such as BJJ, the better and more balanced person you will become - and also you'll kick ass from an early age ;-).
    But as i said, it will depend on your team and instructors and obviously on one's personality. When i have kids they'll start on it early - not at 16!

    So here's a cheers for many more years teaching and inspiring people Lagarto!!

    DavidT - (o paraibano-sheffieldiano)

  18. Ideally, children should start training BJJ at an early age and carrying on with their training throughout their lives. We all know that BJJ is a great tool to keep them safe in today’s society, it instils a sense of belonging and it gives meaning to their lives. However, the reality is different. Most of the children who start a discipline at a young age don’t carry on for diverse reasons.

    What is real and what becomes very important for me, as a father, a teacher, a BJJ practitioner, is the honesty, purity, awareness and willingness to learn that children bring to the tatami. Their whole attitude is right. It is all about discovering, evolving, and challenging the art in itself.

    I am a late starter in BJJ and I can say that what makes this practice very special for me is that I become a child every time I am on the mat. I am amazed by the beauty and effectiveness of the techniques, I smile every time I get caught in a choke or lock because felling vulnerable and challenged at the same time makes me feel alive.

    So, if you bring that inner child out to your BJJ practise, regardless your age and your pains, you will enjoy the world like never before.


  19. Children should learn jiu jitsu because it gives you the ability to live live successfully.If you understand jiu jitsu properly,problem solving becomes second nature which is an essential skill throughout life.You realise that most of the problems you think you have are actually created by yourself so like on the mats dont put yourself in a bad position to begin with because you are setting yourself up to fail.Jiu jitsu teaches you that as long as you dont stop you will ALWAYS improve your position in whatever you choose to do in life.The philosophy promotes healthy living through exercise and good nutrition which will ultimately lead to a happy and long life.My son Kaiden has been putting on a gi (even tho it reaches his ankles) since he was 1 year old and will continue to do so as long as he lives with me.Jiu jitsu philosophy when followed correctly allows you to believe in yourself while also realising your goals and fulfilling your potential in ANYTHING you choose to do.Bruce Lees jeet kune do philosophy is very similar and the essence of jkd and jiu jitsu are both about "getting the job done as simply and efficiently as possible by any means necessary".I believe that if he was alive today he would be training jiu jitsu daily as well as other things.
    Simply put, if you are good at jiu jitsu you will be good at life and vice versa therefore I think it is essential for children to learn to have optimal potential for there journey through life.Hope yo understand my words.
    Valeu Mestre

  20. I think it is more important to have a good teacher no matter how old you are! If you start young with a poor teacher then you will grow up learning poor things and with a poor mentality!
    If the teacher is good then the student will be guided in the right direction and will develop to his/her full potential.
    As Funakoshi Sensei said "There is no such thing as a bad student".
    I don't think that it is ever to late to start so I think that age is really irrelavent!